Pack 65 is Chartered by Our Lady of Lourdes, Brighton, NY
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Pack 65


  • When and where are the den meetings? There are five dens within the Pack. Each has den meetings on a different schedule. Please contact us for details.


  • What is the parental commitment besides helping our child offline to obtain the achievement awards (i.e. badges, pins, etc.)?  You will find that most of our activities also involve parents and sometimes families.  During a Scout's Tiger year, it is a BSA requirement that a parent (or other guardian) be at all activities with the Scout.  Outside of that, we are run by parents who are Den Leaders, Cubmasters and Pack Committee members, so we can always use your help and involvement.  We encourage it and it allows us to offer better programs for the boys.


  • What is the registration fee and does it cover the whole year (Sept 1, 2018 – Aug 31, 2019)? The Pack registration fee is $60 for one year. That includes a subscription to Boy's Life Magazine. One half of that fee goes to the national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization. 


  • What is the approximate cost to cover the additional fees throughout the year (to include the outings and events)?  We currently do one fund raiser per year, that is selling Popcorn. You may already be aware of this program that so many Pack and Troops participate in. We ask that each Scout sell a minimum amount of Popcorn or pay an opt-out amount which roughly equates to the amount the Pack would keep from sales to run our programs for the year. Many of the activities that we run are at no additional cost for the Scout participant. For some activities we do ask for the program cost from each parent who attends.  An example would be the recent overnight that we spent on the Navy Ships in the Buffalo Harbor where the cost of $40 was paid by the Pack for each Scout and parents (and others) paid their own way. FYI, this was by far our most expensive outing of the year. Participation in one of the Council run Summer Camp Programs would be an additional cost but in the recent past the Pack has been able to pay for a small amount of that as well.


  • My son is very much into fishing and hiking – will there be an event/opportunity to practice these activities with the den?  We'll be taking some hikes (always an opportunity to see/talk about birds, animal tracks, and trees & plants). We spend some time fishing during the weekend Pack campout at Camp Cutler. Cub Scout Adventure Camp (also at Cutler) would be a good opportunity to do some fishing. One Den made bird houses at one of our meetings this year and also did a field trip to Wild Wings at Mendon Ponds Park with another den. Parents and Scouts have a say in Den and Pack activities as well and so if there's an interest in something in particular we try to have it in the program as long as its age appropriate. If these activities or others are something you or your family are involved in or good at, its a great way to share that with the rest of the Den or Pack too!

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