Pack 65 Loves to camp!


Here is some basic information for Tiger Cubs or new Scouts and their parents or guardians so you can learn what to expect on Pack 65’s camping trips.  The Pack usually does three overnights per year: One in the autumn, one in the winter, and one in the late spring.  The autumn trip typically is at The Camporee at Babcock Hovey Boy Scout Camp in Ovid, NY. The Arrow of Light den stays over as guests of one of several Boy Scout Troops, while the rest of the Pack goes for a day visit. The Pack covers a substantial portion of the overnight venues and daytrips for the Pack Events.  


The second overnight is an indoor event typically held at an historical site and/or a child friendly place (Naval Ships in Buffalo, Seneca Park Zoo, Rock Venture). If we are lucky (and popcorn sales are great) we might be able to fit in another overnight trip. Naturally, any overnight includes Mom and/or Dad and a favorite stuffed animal too! These are not mandatory either, but are a ton of fun! 


The spring trip is at Camp Cutler in buildings with bunks. This is the Seneca Waterways Council's own Cub Scout Camp, which we are lucky to have since there are only a handful of dedicated Cub Scout Camps in the US. It is located in Naples, NY. The Pack covers the entire cost of renting the village we stay in (The Ships, The Castle, The Pioneer Fort or the Native American Longhouses), food for the weekend and any other incidental expenses. Cubs come with at least one parent or both and sometimes an older sibling who is a Boy Scout. younger siblings. We plan fun daytime activities, such as fishing, hiking, sports, archery and also help the camp by completing a conservation project.  Some parents enjoy Dutch Oven Cooking, so they might be making a yummy dessert, while dinner is being prepared by the adults. All sleeping is indoors, unless you want to bring your own tent. Boy Scouts who attend the event, sleep in tents.


There is also Summer Camping at Babcock Hovey Boy Scout Camp and Camp Cutler, which is called Cub Scout Adventure Camp. (Link to Cub Camping Programs) Cub Scouts (Tigers-Webelos 1) stay 2 nights with a parent and typically with some other boys from their den. They experience a full camping program, earn awards and participate in archery and shooting sports (starting in 3rd grade). There is swimming and fishing, nature center activities and all around fun! Older Scouts (Arrow of Light's) stay for 5 nights (with the ratio of one adult to 4 scouts, but typically each child has a parent with them) and stay in the Mountain Man area at Camp Cutler, where they sleep in platform tents, just like the Boy Scouts do at Hovey or Massawepie Camps. This experience prepares them for the next summer when they are able to attend Boy Scout Camp. They also have a full schedule of activities each day, led by the staff of Seneca Waterways Council.  

There will be many other opportunities for overnights and discounted tickets organized by Seneca Waterways Council (such as sleeping at The Red Wings Stadium, Adventure Landing, Sea Breeze, Darien Lake, Buffalo Bills,  Sabres games, etc.) Families generally attend these events on their own, or by dens, versus the entire Pack going together. See: for up-to-date information on events and activities for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts and Venturing Crews. 

Annual Pack 65 Camp Weekend
Pack pays all costs.
June, 2018  

Pack 65 is going to Camp Babcock-Hovey this year. Come down by 6 pm Fri night, be home by 10 am Sunday morning!  Indoor bunks and Lean-tos. No tents unless you want to tent! 

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