Message from the Committee Chair

Hi. My name is Damian Weidmann, and I’m the Committee Chair for Cub Scout Pack 65 in Brighton, New York. I’m writing to tell you a little about Cub Scout Pack 65.


Sign your son up for Cub Scouts and let the fun begin!

Cub Scout Pack 65 serves boys in grades 1 through 5 with fun programming based on learning by doing. The Pack is open to anyone, regardless of where they attend school — home schooled, Rochester schools, Seton, Brighton Schools and more! Registration forms can be found at


Scouting teaches boys the importance of getting outdoors (and leaving the electronics behind). Talking to a new friend while hiking, telling tall tales as you fish together, the thrill of your son’s first bullseye at the archery range, spending a night on a battleship, family ice skating, sports programs, working to complete a pinewood derby car and race it against the other boys, family swimming, bowling, collecting cool awards and patches and pins, singing, performing skits, camping — the list of fun goes on and on. And it builds confidence and independence throughout each activity. We even run programs for the summer, too.

What does scouting do for our community?

Take a look around the school. Every year, cubs have a clean up day around Seton and Our Lady of Lourdes. It’s great to see these boys pick up rakes, brooms, and tarps and pitch in to pull leaves to the road. You may see these boys delivering Scouting for Food bags around the neighborhood and picking them up the following week. Maybe you’ve seen scouts in uniform helping at an after-church coffee hour. 


And, as these cub scouts grow into boy scouts, their effect is still felt. Note the Prayer and Meditation Garden at the corner of Varinna and Warrington and the recently refreshed playground — two Eagle Projects by former Seton students who started as Tiger scouts. Hundreds and hundreds of (young) man-hours volunteering, and making a difference in our community. I can guarantee these boys will go on to make a difference in their adult lives.


What does scouting do for the boys? 

Scouting teaches these boys to give back to their community. It gives them the pride and satisfaction of working hard, working together, and finishing a project that can even seem daunting to us adults. You can see the smiles on their faces as they start to forge life-long friendships and work toward a common goal.


What does scouting do for the parents?

I’m not telling anyone anything new — these boys grow up fast. We’ve only got a few short years to create lasting memories with our boys. Scouting helps us spend more quality time and be a bigger part of our kid’s lives. We can all learn from another adult who’s got an interest or skill other than our own. We’re all teachers and life-long learners. And we make some great friends along the way, too.


Any questions please contact Damian Weidmann ( or 585-473-8173)  


Completed registration forms should be sent (along with $60 payable to Cub Scout Pack 65) to Damian Weidmann 1070 Harvard St, Rochester, NY 14610-1720


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First Grade

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Second Grade

Brad Zoller, Den Leader

Phone: 737-6859


Third Grade

Rich Truesdale, Den Leader

Phone: 683-1561


Fourth Grade

Adam Clark, Den Leader

Phone: 478-4271


Arrow Of Light
Fifth Grade

Annette Weidmann, Den Leader

Phone: 473-8173



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