This is Pack 65's only fundraiser, and runs between September and mid-October. We ask our Scouts to go door-to-door in uniform, call relatives, and visit friends to sell popcorn. The proceeds offset the costs of events, overnights, etc. About one-third of sales come directly back to our Pack to support our events.


We've set a minimum sales goal of $300 for Tigers and $360 for all other Dens. There's always a couple of boys that sell over $1000 worth!  We'd love to see your son 'get-out-and-sell' but understand that it's not always possible so $120 is the cost to opt out... 

There may be opportunities to sign up for group sales as well where Scouts get together to sell. There are prizes and other incentives for the boys to help with motivation.

Your sales help support:

Camping, Skating, Swimming, Trips to Camp Cutler and Babcock Hovey, Sleepovers at nearby historical sites and much more....

Sell that popcorn!

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